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23 dic. 2009

Broadway - Kingdoms

1. Intro
2. Redeeming A Monster
3. Last Saturday
4. Meg Ryan Would Play You In The Movie
5. Don't Jump The Shark Before You Save The Whale (Ft. Jonny Craig of Emarosa)
6. We Are Paramount
7. Interlude
8. Gotta Love That Southern Charm
9. You Bring The Thunder, And I'll Bring The Lightning
10. AWOL
11. Same Thing We Do Every Night Pinky (Ft. Craig Owens of Chiodos)
12. Prom Queen Has No Friends

Adept - Another Year Of Disaster

1. The Bussines Of living
2. Shark! Shark! Shark!
3. Sound The Alarm
4. At Least Give Me My Dreams Back, You Negligent Whore
5. Caution! Boys night out
6. The Ballad Of Planet Earth
7. Let's Celebrate, Gorgeous! (You Know Whose Party This Is)
8. Grow Up, Peter Pan
9. An Era Of Treachery
10. Everything Dies

22 dic. 2009

Funeral For A Friend - Seven Ways To Scream Your Name

Funeral For A Friend - Tales Dont Tell Themselves

Funeral For A Friend - Hours

Funeral For A Friend - Four Ways To Scream Your Name

Funeral For A Friend - Between Order And Mode

21 dic. 2009

Breathe Carolina - Hello Fascination

1. Hello Fascination
2. I'm the Type of Person to Take Things Personal
3. Take Me to Infinity
4. Dressed up to Undress
5. I.D.G.A.F
6. Welcome to Savannah
7. I Have to Go Return Some Video Tapes
8. The Dressing Room
9. Tripped and Fell in Portland
10. Can I Take You Home?
11. My Obsession
12. Velvet
13. Rescue

Awaiting Onset - Inbetween Oceans

1.I Can't See The Skyline
3.Cloudless Skies And Colourless Trees
4.Call Me Your Saviour
5.You're Forcing Our End
7.Inbetween Oceans
8.Old McDonald Had A Breakdown (Bonus Track)

Iamerror - Trout Yogurt

1. Main Screen Turn On
2. Forest of Fellatio
3. Snap Kracko Pop
4. Do a Br00tal Roll
5. Jeffree Star Road
6. Metapod Probably Kicked Your Ass When You Were a Kid
7. K.k Dgaf
8. The Iceclops Cometh
9. The Reason We Vomit is to Show How Dedicated We Are to Weight Loss
10. Fuck Your Sanctuary, I'm Heading for a Bomb Shelter
11. Hpmp Restored... but No Taco Bell in Sight

My Sky Your City - Demo

1. We're From Ohio
2. Holy hail
3. Poker face (Lady GaGa Cover)
4. Keepin It Sunny Side Up

18 dic. 2009

Bring Me TH

Suicide Silence - The Cleansing

1. Revelations
2. Unanswered
3. Hands Of A Killer
4. Price of Beauty
5. The Fallen
6. No Pity For A Coward
7. The Disease
8. Bludgeoned To Death
9. Girl Of Glass
10. In A Photograph
11. Eyes Sewn Shut
12. Green Monster

Miss May I - Apologies Are For The Weak

1. A Dance With Aera Cura
2. Architect
3. Not Our Tomorrow
4. Arms Of The Messiah
5. Apologies Are For The Weak
6. Harlots Breath
7. Tides
8. Blessing With A Curse
9. Porcelain Wings
10. Forgive And Forget

We Are The Ocean - EP

Alineación al centro

01 - Don't Be Careless
02 - Nothing Good Has Happened Yet
03 - Welcome To My Broken Home
04 - Ready For The Fall
05 - I've Never Felt This Damn Good
06 - Days
07 - Save Me! Said The Saviour

Suicide Silence - Smoke

Suicide Silence


Video HD

Suicide Silence - Genocide

Suicide Silence


Video HD